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Vaccine News on the Web

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• Government Advisories on Flu

January 2014

States with higher pertussis rates may be related to nonmedical exemptions from school vaccinations

December 2013

Vaccines help reduce United States flu cases, hospital stays: Centers for Disease Control

November 2013

The Vaccination Effect: 100 Million Cases of Contagious Disease Prevented

Princeton weighs whether to offer meningitis vaccines

October 2013

Doctors search for vaccine to prevent breast cancer

September 2013

United States data show higher flu vaccine uptake in kids, adults, health workers

Vaccine Coverage High in United States, but Measles Outbreaks a Concern: Centers for Disease Control

Shingles Vaccine Not Reaching Enough United States Adults

August 2013

Many Drugs Found Safe for Breast-Feeding Mothers

Texas measles outbreak linked to church

FDA approves another 'quadrivalent' GSK flu vaccine

Universal Flu Vaccine: Pandemic Viruses May Give Clues

Vaccination Appears to Have Halted a Meningitis Outbreak

World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, and World Intellectual Property Organization Heads Call For More Medical Innovation

June 2013

Federal officials weigh H7N9 options

New vaccine drives Africa meningitis cases to lowest in decades

May 2013

Vaccines Aren't Just for Kids

Millions of girls in developing countries to be protected against cervical cancer thanks to new HPV vaccine deals

April 2013

Vaccines shunned by some as others struggle for access

March 2013

Vaccines Not Linked to Autism

Researchers: Toddler cured of HIV

February 2013

HealthMap helps patients locate nearby vaccination sites

January 2013

CDC: More adults need vaccines, and not just the flu

Micro-needles could painlessly tattoo DNA vaccines into the skin

Dengue is fastest-spreading tropical disease

Vaccine News on the Web Archive 2012-2009

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