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2010 Summer Interns

Student School Mentor Abstract
  *Srihasa Allam     Grace King H.S.

Hobden      (LSUHSC)

Efficacy of Impenium on A. bamaunnii
  *Manal Awan Loyola University Aiyar          (LSUHSC) Using Retroviral Vectors to Create a Stable Cell Line
  Betsy Bateman   Mandeville H.S./Tulane Univeristy Marble           (CHNO) Newborn Screening: Advances and Controversies
  Christina Chen University of Chicago Cefalu        (LSUHSC) Insulin Sensitivity and Secretion in New Orleans Vietnamese Americans
  *Patrick Cherry Hendrix College, AR Sturtevant  (LSUHSC) Ubiquitination: Potential Drug Target in Candida albicans?
  Milad El Hajj Loyola University Venuti     (LSUHSC) Neural Regeneration in Echinoderm Tube Feet
  Rebecca Hron   Tulane University Neumann (LSUHSC) Defining the Role of the Cellular Insulating Protein CTCF in HSV-1 Reactivation
  Madeleine Jansen Stanford University Lasky (TU) n/a
  Hannah King University of Massachusetts Pandey  (LSUHSC) A Drosophila Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  Tichelle Porch Patrick Taylor H.S McLachlan  (TU) Using PCR to develop a new technique in the lab that can determiine the bacterial load in mice during chronic infection


Spencer Robichaux 

Spring Hill College 

Amedee (LSUHSC) 

Evaluating the Effects of Alcohol on HIV and SIV 



Anjelle Rogers 

St. Mary's Academy 

Morici (TU) 

Role for outer membrane vesicles as bacterial virulence factors 



*Richard Tang 

Ben Franklin H.S./Tulane University 

Ramsay (LSUHSC) 

Generation of a 293A-Based CFm40L-Expressing Cell Line 



John McIntire 


Pincus (CHNO) 

Efficacy of an Anti-Ricin Dual-Variable-Region Immunoglobulin 



Justin Miller 


Cormier (LSUHSC) 

Can (R)-DOI, a LSD Analog, Reduce Proinflammatory Markers Associated with Allergic Asthma? 



Megan Poynot    


Aiyar (LSUHSC) 

Examining the Effects of the EBV EBNA1 protein on DNA damage recognition and repair pathways 



Michael Ripple 


Kolls (LSUHSC) 

Clearance of Pneumocystis carinii in Mice is Independent of Th1, Th2, or Th17 Responses 



Laura Roan 


Dickinson (CHNO) 

Crosstalk Between PKA and Epac Regulates the Phenotypic Maturation and Function of Human Dendritic Cells 



Michael Rolfsen 


Thompson (LSUHSC) 

Rhythmicity in Human Herpes Simplex Type 1 Virus Secretion in Tears and Saliva of Asymptomatic Human Volunteers over a Thirty Day Period 



* funded by NIH ARRA supplement 





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