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2008 Summer Interns


Student School Mentor Abstract
Amy Cammarata LSU Baton Rouge Paul Fidel Characterizations of Patient Mycoplasma genitalium strains

Sharon George Tulane University Jim Cutler (CHRC) Vaccine Development for Protection against Candidiasis using Ribi Adjuvant system

Hannah Jarrell MIT undergrad Michael Hagensee (LSU) Human Papillomavirus Type 16 Serology

Mira John Columbia University Alistair Ramsay (LSU) Preparation and Delivery of a mucosal DNA/nanoparticle vaccine against M. tuberculosis

KaTerri Kelly Spelman College Joy Sturtevant (LSU) Candida albicans 14-3-3 Proteins, Nitrogen and TOR Pathway Signaling

McKenzie Mayo L1 Vijay John (Tulane) Coating Surgical Meshes for Controlled Drug Delivery

Daniella Miller Tulane University Angela Amedee (LSUHSC) Longitudinal Analysis of HIV-Infected Women: Changes in Cellular and Microbial Populations Over a one year period

Anisha Ravichandran LA School for Math, Science, and Arts HS Lucy Freytag (Tulane) Effect of mLT in the phagocytic activity of murine macrophages

Tim Tate Tulane University Ron Luftig (LSUHSC) Modeling Acute melioidosis: aerosol infection with Burkholderia thailandensis

Bolong You Tulane University Yan Cui (LSUHSC) Rescuing of IL-2 to T Cells from Radio-Induced Apoptosis and Cell Cycle Arrest through the AKT Pathway