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2011 Summer Interns


Student School Mentor Abstract

Nathaniel Backes Mississippi State Winsauer (LSUHSC) Dehydroepiandrosterone and the Metabolism of Ethanol

Glenn Barras*** University of LA-Monroe Pincus (Children’s Hospital) Production and HPLC purification of Fab-ricin A chain immune complexes by HPLC for crystallization and analysis of 3D conformation

Jennifer Bouso*** L1 Strurtevant (LSUHSC-NO) Virulence-attenuated mutants of Candida albicans and their modulation of in-vitro cytokine response

Indya Bruce University of LA-Monroe Kalueff (Tulane) Assessing startle responses and their habitation in adult zebrafish

Nicholas Carbajal UNO Clements (Tulane) Purification of Heat Stable Enterotoxin

Scott Melton L1 Hagensee (LSUHSC-NO) Epstein-Barr Viral Infection: A Factor in Human Papillomavirus Related Cervical Dysplasia in HIV+ Women

AnhThao Nguyen L1 Del Valle (LSUHSC-NO) Association between JC virus and Colon Cancer?

Michelle Nguyen Tulane P. Wang (Children’s Hospital) Constructing an ede1 allele for gene knockout to study the Cin1-mediated endocytic pathway in the pathogenesis of Cryptococcus neoformans

Maya Patterson** Xavier University Hobden (LSUHSC-NO) Toxicity Testing of Novel Antibacterial Compounds with Caenorhabitis elegans

Tichelle Porch*** Emory University McLachlan (Tulane) Genetic Manipulations of Salmonella Typhimurium

Andrew Prince Spring Hill College LaCapitaine (LSUHSC-NO) Chronic Alcohol Differentially Regulates Expression of Genes Involved in Inflammation, Adipogenesis and Apidokine Signaling in Adipose Tissue of Rhesus Macaques

Reza Tara USC Lovera (LSUHSC-NO) Effects of vascular risk factors on brain atrophy in multiple sclerosis

Sykari Thomas Xavier University Johnston (LSUHSC-NO) Invasion of host endothelium by C. albicans, but not C. glabrata, alters both VEGF and Notch signaling required for wound healing

Cameron Vitter Notre Dame G. Wang (LSUHSC-NO) Chloride Dynamics and Generation of Hypochlorous Acid within Neutrophils

Maxwell Wang*** Isidore Newman HS Kolls (LSUHSC-NO) Biomarkers of IL-17 and IL-17R signaling in Cigarette Smoke Induced Emphysema

Juese Wang Tulane Pincus (Children’s Hospital) Determining the Mechanism of Regulation of INSM1 by Achaete-Scute homolog 1 in prostate cancer

Jordana Williams* Yale University Kolls (LSUHSC-NO) Characterization of the IL-22 Soluble Receptor IL-22Ra2

Alexis Williams Xavier University Amedee (LSUHSC-NO) Analyzing the Viral Diversity in Rheus Macaques Infected with SIV mac251 as a Model of HIV pathogenesis

*funded by NIH ARRA supplement

**funded by Dean’s Office program, LSUSHC

***supported by other funding sources