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2014 Summer Interns


Student School Mentor Abstract

Ashton Avery LSU-BR Peruzzi (LSUHSC-NO) Defining Regulatory Mechanisms of miR-3189-3p Expression in Glioblastoma Cells

Yunuen Cacique-Borja Loyola University New Orleans Pincus (LSUHSC-NO/Children’s Hospital) Antibody Response to HIV Envelope Protein in SHIV-Infected Macaques Treated with Immunomodulating Agents”

Ramakrishna Bysani Tulane University Mungrue (LSUHSC-NO) Creation of an E-coli expression construct for the purification and characterization of human ChaC1

Nowrin Chowdhury Emory University Cameron (LSUHSC-NO) Induction of miR-146a expression through TLR9 receptor signaling

Blake Kruger LSU-BR Parsons (LSUHSC-NO) Developing a strategy for identifying treatment-eligible HIV/HCV co-infected individuals at high risk for liver disease progression in resource limited settings

Jennie Lacour University of New Orleans Wang (LSUHSC-NO) Cloning and Expression of Mouse Glucocorticoid-Induced Leucine Zipper

Johnathan Lee Case Western Reserve University Aiyar (LSUHSC-NO) The effect of high-risk HPV E6 and E7 oncogenes on the STD bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis

Katie Neil Southern Louisiana University Hagensee (LSUHSC-NO) Using Epstein-Barr and Human Papillomavirus Serum Antibodies to Predict Cervical Cancer in HIV Positive Patients

Rhett Reynolds LSU-BR Ferris (LSUHSC-NO) The Effect of Circumcision on Penile Microbiome

Meredith Shaw Wake Forest University McGowin (LSUHSC-NO) Development and Clinical Utility of a Novel Diagnostic PCR Assay for Mycoplasma genitalium Detection