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The Center introduces the Summer Biotechnology Experience

The 2014 Summer Internship Program (SIP) at LSUHSC-NO served to implement the Center’s Summer Biotechnology Experience. Enhanced education in research commercialization and biotechnology was incorporated into this year’s SIP program, including career talks and tours to expose student participants to these areas.

Over fifty students, including undergraduates, participated in the summer program with ten undergraduates directly supported for this Center project.

As part of the Program’s weekly seminar series, the Licensing Assistant in the Office of Technology Management at LSUSHC-New Orleans, presented a talk entitled, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer: At the Intersection of Science and Business. This provided the students a look into alternative bioscience-related career paths, specifically, areas of university-based intellectual property and technology transfer.

The students also visited the local biotechnology incubator facility in the New Orleans BioInnovation Center. This included a tour of the facility, along with Q&A sessions with several NOBIC start-up company tenants. NOBIC’s Director of Technology Commercialization, provided the students with an overview of the facility and the support services that they provide to tenants and the larger regional bioscience community.

The Center’s Biotechnology Commercialization Fellow, spoke with students about his career path to bioscience entrepreneurship. The students visited the laboratories of three tenant companies and listened to presentations by their founders. The founders spoke about their backgrounds and the reasons that motivated them to start their respective companies. This was an interactive forum with the students asking, and being asked, thoughtful questions throughout.