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Latest LVC News and Events

July 2015

The New Orleans BioInnovation Center hosts summer students for the 2015 Biotechnology Workforce Expereince

March 2015

The Center launches the EDA Biomedical Internship Program

July 2014

The Center introduces the Summer Biotechnology Experience

November 2013

LVC wins major grant from Economic Development Administration in partnership with NOBIC

June 2012

Vaccine Center spin-off MiniVax, Inc. advances research development on vaccine to combat Pneumocystis pneumonia

April 2012

Vaccine Center co-sponsors Louisiana Mycobacteria Symposium at the Tulane National Primate Research Center in Covington, Louisiana

Vaccine Center participates in the Louisiana Higher Education and Industry Collaborative Workshop on Biosciences in New Orleans

February 2012

LSUHSC and LVC researcher Palmer contributes to important discovery about opportunistic fungus as it relates to human health

December 2011

Louisiana Vaccine Center hosts mini-symposium, Mycobacteria: Host Defense and Disease, with special guest Dr. Gary Schoolnik, Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology, Stanford University

October 2011

LSUHSC awarded NIH grant to develop pneumonia vaccine

September 2011

New Orleans BioInnovation Center holds dedication ceremony

August 2011

LVC/LSU researcher Mores receives $3 million MIDAS award to predict emerging viruses

July 2011

LVC linked to Emory Consortium to Advance AIDS Vaccine Research

May 2011

LVC’s 3rd Annual External Advisory Committee Meeting held

April 2011

Groundbreaking of University Medical Center Hospital in New Orleans

November 2011

Invention to Venture: Workshops in Technology Leadership


LVC Steering Committee member Kumar: International partnership to develop a malaria vaccine

October 2010

New Orleans’ biotechnology industry featured in The Scientist

March 2010

LVC Summer Student: Mandeville senior’s resume is as big as her heart

January 2010

Dr. Gregory Poland, Director of the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group, visits the Louisiana Vaccine Center

September 2009

LVC Director: Experimental vaccine shows promise with AIDS

July 2009

LVC/LSUHSC’s Jay K. Kolls awarded $1.8 million to improve vaccine strategies for P. carinii pneumonia

LVC Steering Committee member Clements collaborates with Children’s Hospital (Columbus, OH) on vaccine to combat ear infections

May 2009

LVC Goes to BIO 2009-Atlanta, GA

April 2009

LVC Exhibits at the 12th Annual Conference on Vaccine Research

LVC Exhibits at World Vaccine Congress Washington

June 2007

LSUHSC Awarded $5.5 Million to Develop Vaccine Center