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Vaccine News on the Web Archive 2013-2009

December 2013

Vaccines help reduce United States flu cases, hospital stays: Centers for Disease Control

November 2013

The Vaccination Effect: 100 Million Cases of Contagious Disease Prevented

Princeton weighs whether to offer meningitis vaccines

October 2013

Doctors search for vaccine to prevent breast cancer

September 2013

United States data show higher flu vaccine uptake in kids, adults, health workers

Vaccine Coverage High in United States, but Measles Outbreaks a Concern: Centers for Disease Control

Shingles Vaccine Not Reaching Enough United States Adults

August 2013

Many Drugs Found Safe for Breast-Feeding Mothers

Texas measles outbreak linked to church

FDA approves another ‘quadrivalent’ GSK flu vaccine

Universal Flu Vaccine: Pandemic Viruses May Give Clues

Vaccination Appears to Have Halted a Meningitis Outbreak

World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, and World Intellectual Property Organization Heads Call For More Medical Innovation

June 2013

Federal officials weigh H7N9 options

New vaccine drives Africa meningitis cases to lowest in decades

May 2013

Vaccines Aren’t Just for Kids

Millions of girls in developing countries to be protected against cervical cancer thanks to new HPV vaccine deals

April 2013

Vaccines shunned by some as others struggle for access

March 2013

Vaccines Not Linked to Autism

Researchers: Toddler cured of HIV

February 2013

HealthMap helps patients locate nearby vaccination sites

January 2013

CDC: More adults need vaccines, and not just the flu

Micro-needles could painlessly tattoo DNA vaccines into the skin

Dengue is fastest-spreading tropical disease

December 2012

GlaxoSmithKline wins U.S. approval for new flu vaccine

Military to tackle DNA Vaccines

November 2012

Africa: First Unrefrigerated Vaccine Makes African Debut

New rule on vaccine to help fight meningitis in remotest Africa

Setback for first malaria vaccine in African trial

To ward off flu: Shot or nasal spray?

October 2012

CDC Panel Backs Tdap Vaccination During Every Pregnancy

Drug stores can give you a flu shot. What about other vaccines?

Making industry a second language for academic researchers

September 2012

Non-Medical Vaccination Opt-Outs on the Rise

Staph Vaccines: The Latest

Vaccine development needs a booster shot

Latest HIV vaccine trial revelations

Dengue vaccine less effective than hoped

August 2012

Chickenpox Cases Fall 80% Over Decade: CDC

Lack of sleep may weaken vaccine effectiveness

July 2012

Scientists making progress on AIDS Vaccine

How a Ban on Polio Vaccinations in Parts of Pakistan Puts the Entire World at Risk

Shingles Vaccine Safe for Those with AutoImmune Disease

HPV Vaccine Reducing Infections, Even Among Unvaccinated

June 2012

Genocea Announces New Research Identifying Potential Vaccine Candidates for Chlamydia

MiniVax’s Pneumocystis Vaccine Candidate Induces Significant anti-Pneumocystis Antibody Responses and Reduced Fungal Load

May 2012

Device may inject a variety of drugs without using needles

Biologists Produce Potential Malarial Vaccine from Algae

FDA panel backs first pill to block HIV infection

April 2012

Shingles Vaccine Deemed Safe

United States and Haiti launch vaccination campaign

International vaccines group to get rotavirus vaccine shots

Alliance nears deal on cervical cancer shots

New Insights Into Fighting HIV

March 2012

New HPV Vaccine to treat infection

HPV Vaccine May Help Women With Cervical Conditions

Tobacco plants turn into living vaccine factories

Africa: New Vaccine Strategy to Advance Solutions for Tuberculosis

Africa: US$220 Million Grant Boosts Hunt for New Tuberculosis Vaccines

GeoVax steps closer to HIV prevention

HIV/AIDS Vaccine Shows Long-Term Protection Against Multiple Exposures in Non-Human Primates

First Quadrivalent Vaccine Against Seasonal Flu Wins FDA Approval

February 2012

First Vaccine Against Fatal Visceral Leishmaniasis Enters Clinical Trial

Vaccines do not lead to Guillain-Barre syndrome

First hookworm vaccine enters clinical trials

Man vs MRSA

Universal flu vaccine might be a step closer

January 2012

India polio victory fuels endgame vaccine talks

India doctor’s claim of “totally” drug resistant TB disputed

India reports new strain of ‘totally drug-resistant tuberculosis’

Can a Vaccine Cure Haiti’s Cholera?

Herpes Vaccine Falls Short in Clinical Trial

Evolving bacteria evade vaccines

Gardasil does not cause autoimmune disease

December 2011

Breakthrough of the Year-HIV Treatment as Prevention (Parent Article: Prevention of HIV-1 Infection with Early Antiretroviral Therapy-August 2011)

Chikungunya Vaccine Trial Enrolling Patients

Canadian scientists get green light for trials on groundbreaking HIV vaccine

Vaccine might one day prevent ‘cruise ship’ stomach bug

Infant vaccines may work better if given in afternoon

November 2011

Global Vaccination Policies

California Researchers: Gene therapy can protect against HIV

China prepares for big entry into vaccine market

Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization to introduce vaccines to women and children in developing countries

Malaria vaccine could be developed within two years

With Vaccines, Bill Gates Changes the World Again

Epstein-Barr Virus Vaccine: The Latest

October 2011

Centers for Disease Control Panel Endorses HPV Vaccine for Boys

HPV vaccination rates fall short

Malaria vaccine could save millions of children’s lives

Survey: Parents delaying vaccines for their children on the rise

September 2011

Vaccine against childhood diseases to reach more countries

For First Time, AIDS Vaccine Shows Some Success

Researchers Reveal Genetic Underpinnings of Response to Vaccines

Needle-Free Shots on the Horizon

Remark on HPV Vaccine Could Ripple for Years

Malaria Vaccine Made from Spit

More youths getting vaccinated

More children in the United States getting vaccines: Survey

August 2011

Vaccine Cleared Again as Autism Culprit

Survey shows HPV vaccine rates trail other teen vaccines

Vaccines largely safe, U.S. expert panel finds

Vaccines for tween, teen students overlooked

HPV vaccine protects women from anal cancer

Adult Vaccinations Protect Children

July 2011

Going on vacation. . . .Get Vaccinated!

Long-term, universal flu shot on horizon

Vaccines and the Developing World

Path to an AIDS vaccine

June 2011

Vaccines protect the young

Centers for Disease Control: Most kids in the United States get vaccinated

Vaccines prevent future health costs

May 2011

Nigeria uses vaccines to fight infectious diseases

New Potential Reservoir for HPV Discovered

Gates: Vaccines can save 10 million lives by 2020

Will there ever be an AIDS vaccine?

Promising AIDS Vaccine trials start in Kenya

Measles in the United States

April 2011

Most parents vaccinate kids

Parents confident about vaccine safety

New vaccine method could jumpstart newborns’ immune systems

World Health Organization renews push for virus-sharing, pandemic vaccine access

February 2011

The Pursuit of Vaccines

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services releases new strategic plan to advance vaccine and immunization science and policy for the next decade

Flu Vaccine Made by Faster Method

White House wants extra $1 Billion for National Institutes of Health

Gardasil effective in boys, men

Gates: Vaccine-autism link is “absolute lie”

Gardasil Vaccine Guards Against HPV in Boys

January 2011

Abu Dhabi and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Partner to Immunize Children

WHO Director-General Expresses Concern Over Public Mistrust of Vaccines

Early Development of Anti-HIV Neutralizing Anitbodies

Autism and vaccine link discredited; what parents should know about vaccinating kids

August 2010

H1N1 in post-pandemic period


Gates Foundation Funds 78 New Innovative Global Health Projects Including Cell Phone Blood Tests, Carnivorous Plants

Well-trained immune cells keep HIV in check

March 2010

Pfizer, GSK vaccines could save nearly 1M lives by 2015

The Flu Season That Fizzled: Cases of H1N1 Have Dwindled, Seasonal Flu Has Been a No-Show and Doctors Wonder Why

‘Painless’ vaccine needle invented in Japan.


Prevention: Older Women Are Not Likely to Benefit From Cervical Cancer Vaccine

August 2009

Study adds to data on Gardasil

A patch to take the ouch out ofshots