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Vaccine News on the Web

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Government Advisories on Flu

June 2015

How Vaccines in Space Can Help on Earth

April 2015

New Measles Vaccine is Needle Free

Why Adults Shouldn’t Skip Vaccines

Personalized cancer vaccines may fight tumors

March 2015

LSU Health research could help develop vaccines

How to Fight the Next Epidemic

January 2015

United States Ready to Test Ebola Vaccines in West Africa

2 Leading Ebola Vaccines Appear Safe, Further Tests Starting

December 2014

Vaccine urged after ‘crescendo’ of flu outbreaks

November 2014

New Malaria Vaccines to Prevent Infection and Block Transmission Get a Shot in the Arm

October 2014

Health Officials Expect to Start Vaccine Trials in West Africa as Early as December

Testing for Ebola Vaccines to Start Soon, World Health Organization Says

Ebola Vaccines are Being Expedited

The World Health Organization update on Ebola vaccines

September 2014

Several vaccine choices this flu season

New Advice for Vaccines to Stave Off Pneumonia

August 2014

Ebola vaccine trials fast-tracked by international consortium

Scientists Racing to Test Ebola Vaccines in Humans

The Lancet: virus-like particle vaccine shows promise against chikungunya

July 2014

Ebola outbreak: Is it time to test experimental vaccines?

June 2014

Vaccine for Infant Tummy Bug Cuts Hospitalizations

May 2014

Measles cases hit 20-year high in United States, Centers for Disease Control reports

Centers for Disease Control scientist: MERS doesn’t present pandemic risk, but other diseases might

We Need a Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Vaccine, but High Costs, Regulations Make One Unlikely

April 2014

Centers for Disease Control: Vaccines save hundreds of thousands of lives

March 2014

Vaccines Prevent Millions of Infections, Save Billions in Costs: Centers for Disease Control

February 2014

Self-Administration of Flu Vaccine with a Patch May be Feasible, Study Suggests

January 2014

States with higher pertussis rates may be related to nonmedical exemptions from school vaccinations

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