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Research Commercialization

The Louisiana Vaccine Center seeks to expand existing research strengths into commercial partnerships with the public and private sector to translate discoveries into products, vaccines and therapies.

New Orleans Investigators have justly earned an international reputation for research achievement in the related areas of viral, bacterial, parasitic, and fungal pathogenesis, host immunity and vaccine research. Collectively, this group with over $70M in current Federal research funding and an extensive history of executing multi-center clinical trials represents one of the most significant regional research strengths.

Commercialization strategy

To foster the local bioscience industry, the Louisiana Vaccine Center is partnering with the New Orleans BioInnovation Center (NOBIC), a biotechnology wet-lab business incubator, to develop a systematic approach for transforming new discoveries into viable business opportunities. This consolidated commercialization strategy will provide the necessary catalyst to jumpstart bioscience entrepreneurship in New Orleans and Statewide.

In collaboration with NOBIC, law and business student interns will assess and support the commercialization of locally developed health sciences research products. Data obtained from this process will be housed in a comprehensive database designed to streamline the flow of information between researchers, universities, businesses and venture capitalists.

After thorough market and competitor analysis, a team of experienced researchers and business leaders will determine a development path that may include licensing technology or spinning off a start-up company. New ventures will receive support in a number of areas including business plan development, raising capital and hiring management.

This commercialization strategy will ultimately assist in strengthening and creating new partnerships between our partner research institutions and biotechnology companies, and in nurturing bioscience entrepreneurship among local researchers and research trainees.

For more information, please go to theĀ New Orleans BioInnovation Center website.