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Genomics Core

The mission of the Genomics Core is to provide comprehensive genomics, microarray and bioinformatics support to Center investigators through a wide array of state-of-the-art analytical equipment and data analysis capabilities.

Services include assistance in microarray experimental design and data analysis, protein and nucleotide sequence analysis, functional analysis of high-throughput data, data mining, data organization and repository, whole microbial and mammalian genome mapping, and database development.


Affymetrix microarray equipment for RNA profiling, a premier Rosetta bioinformatics package, an Illumina BeadStation速 system for analyses of single nucleotide polymorphisms, Illumina robot controls facilitating high volume automated sample processing and state of the art Real Time PCR.

State of the art DNA high-throughput sequencing services will also be provided in the near future. An Affymetrix scanner, Dual Core Xeon Workstations for Affymetrix users, Rosetta Resolver bioinformatics software, server and workstations, and an Illumina BeadXpress Reader facilitate the use of protein and antibody arrays.