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Nanotechnology Core

It is the mission of the Nanotechnology Core facility to support and advance vaccine research capacity by providing novel and innovative vaccine delivery formulations. The major goal of the Core, located at Xavier University, is to maintain a state-of-the-art innovative polymeric vaccine/drug delivery research facility in order to support inter-disciplinary research.

Services include personnel providing leadership in the planning, designing, and implementing innovative nanotechnology and assisting investigators in conducting pre-formulation and formulation studies of any potential novel vaccine/drug delivery system for preclinical and New Drug Application studies (following USFDA guidelines).


R&D-scale pharmaceutical formulation equipment with micro-encapsulation for controlled release capabilities, a Scanning Electron Microscope, a Fluid Bed Coating machine, a Super Critical Fluid (SCF) particle preparation equipment, a high pressure homogenizer to prepare lipid nanoparticles, a particle size analyzer, a zeta sizer, and an automated dissolution apparatus, preparatory ultracentrifuge, an analytical ultracentrifuge, a fluorescence spectrometer, and a fluorescent microscope.

A Laboratory Mini Spray Drier (forms nanoparticles ideal for pulmonary vaccine delivery) and a Waters Acquity SQD LC/MS System (facilitates measurement of small quantities of vaccine material and their preparation for delivery).

The Nanotechnology Core is directed by Tarun Mandal PhD.

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