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Protein Core

The mission of the Protein Purification Core facility to support and advance research capabilities at the Center by providing high quality protein and antigen purification support. The Core is located at Tulane University-School of Medicine.

Services include generating site-directed mutants of proteins of interest and in scaling up of recombinant protein production. Emphasis is placed on purity, with removal of bacterial endotoxin and contaminating immunogens from protein preparations, while minimizing degradation.


New Brunswick Bioflow 3000 Fermentor with 3-liter and 10-liter vessels, Microfluidizer cell disruptor and Virtis lyophilizer, Beckman DU-64 spectrophotometer, flow cytometer, Beckman low- and ultra- speed centrifuges and rotors, autoclaves, gel dryers, a digital imaging system, Dynatech Microfluor fluorescence plate reader, Beckman liquid scintillation counter, Beckman gamma counter, Fuji phospho imager and software, and confocal and fluorescent microscopes and New Brunswick BioBlo 4500 20-liter bioreactor for large scale purification and BioRad BioLogic Douflow chromatography system.

The Protein Purification Core is directed by John Clements PhD.

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